My name is Stefan and I live in the northern part of Serbia, at the meeting point of central and south-eastern Europe. My interest in fortune-telling and divination started when I was ten and now, a bit over two decades later and an endless number of hours spent in study and practice, I have nine years of professional experience as a Lenormand, Kipper and Tarot reader. I also paint, write, work as a translator, collect card decks and art history books, listen to opera, read old horror novels and travel whenever I possibly get a chance.

My approach to the cards is bent towards the Central European school of fortune-telling, one less focused on lofty spiritual aims and more on solving practical, everyday concerns. I have started this website to offer my divination and fortune-telling services but also to provide a resource for beginners, to share my knowledge and help those wishing to learn some of the cartomantic systems I use. While information on Tarot can be found everywhere, the resources on Lenormand and especially Kipper cards can be scarce. It is my intention to fix this so – feel free to visit from time to time and keep an eye on my blog.