The Suit of Wands

First of the suits belonging to the Minor Arcana is that of Wands. It is governed by the metaphysical element of Fire and its main focus is on action, movement and change. The Wands preside over willpower and determination, prompting us to always do our very best, to be in it to win it, to compete, command and conquer. Their energy is assertive and masculine and their more than obviously phallic shape points towards their true nature. Wands are the Tarot emblem of strength and virility, determination and ego, of raw power and expansion. They represent the active side of magic. In a more negative context, they can point towards aggression but, if kept under control of the will they also govern, can be employed in our service so we can achieve our very best.

221Ace of Wands – At the very beginning of the suit is the Ace of Wands, a spark that sets the fire ablaze, a call to action that points in the right direction and gets us going. The potential is endless


231Two of Wands – We are allowed greater control and are finally acquiring mastery of skills needed for survival in this world. It is time to plan ahead for the future.


241Three of Wands – Our effort is showing first signs of fruition and, even though it doesn’t come anywhere near the plenty depicted on the Seven of Coins, the expansion of our enterprise is near.


251Four of Wands – A sense stability allows us to rejoice. Whether we are gathered around the hearth of a new home or celebrating a marriage, this card denotes a type of contentment that is likely to last.


261Five of Wands – This is an image open conflict but there is no need to panic. The jab is not a serious one and the challenge you are likely to face is more akin a friendly athletic competition rather than a head-on collision with your worst enemy.


271Six of Wands – Seems like you’ve won the pretend-battle in the previous card. Public recognition is yours and your self-confidence has received a boost.


281Seven of Wands – Wands wouldn’t be wands without some form of aggression and we are again facing conflict. Even if it is more intense than the one represented by Five of Wands, the positioning of the main figure tells us that we very much have the upper hand.


291Eight of Wands – It is time for swift change. Things are starting to gain momentum and are speeding up to the point at which we have very little control over them. Luckily enough, they do seem to be going in the right direction.


301Nine of Wands – Even if your courage and persistence are admirable, you still ought to check whether you’ve been fighting the same battle for far too long so that defence mode has become default mode. Perhaps it is time to rest.


311Ten of Wands – This is the image of biting off more than you can chew and allowing your ambition to push you into taking on a burden far bigger than you can realistically manage. Perhaps it is time to reassess the situation and see what is of use, and what needs to go.


321Page (or Princess) of Wands – The free spirit and enthusiasm of the youngest member of the Wands family always has them on the path of exploration and discovery.


331Knight (or Prince) of Wands – This is our loverboy, our rebel with(out) a cause, full of passion and lust, sometimes a tad too impulsive, but full of energy which, when directed well, can take him very far indeed.


341Queen of Wands – The determined Amazon queen always has her eyes on the prize and will not be outperformed by anyone. Her warmth and passion are only matched by her stubbornness.


351King of Wands – An excellent leader, fire of fire (for Kings are governed by the element, as is the suit of Wands), he is a fearless fighter and a true role-model for his army – in courage and honour.


(The images in this article are taken from The DruidCraft Tarot illustrated by Will Worthington and published by Connections Book Publishing)