The Suit of Cups

Cups belong to the element of Water and consequently focus on the emotional side of our life’s story. They tell a tale of love and romance, of friendship and family bliss but occasionally also of excessive sensitivity, sadness and depression. Since emotions belong to the more “irrational” side of our being, the Cups in Tarot can also point towards more intuitive and even psychic gifts, towards our subconscious and its direct connection to higher planes (with particular emphasis on the Divine feminine). Water is a predominantly feminine element and the Cups, filled to the brim by it, mirror its receptive and nurturing nature. In a more negative context, a predominance of the element can lead to illusions and delusions, both in the emotional as well as intuitive department but, in the end, the Cups remain a harmonious and positive influence.

361Ace of Cups – A birth of a new emotion, a beginning of a wonderful friendship, an infatuation that is about to bloom – this card is sure to make your heart beat a little differently. It also stands for a creative boost.


371Two of Cups – This is the very image of romance – puppy love, a fling, an affair – one based on attraction rather than understanding. Nothing karmic to see here.


381Three of Cups – It’s party time! This is your community, your tribe, your best friends – and all the fun things you do together. Could also be a menage-a-trois.


391Four of Cups – Here, the emotional river slows down, not necessarily turning into a bog, but definitely bringing about slight apathy and an opportunity for re-evaluation.


401Five of Cups – This is the card of loss and regret, of being thoroughly disappointed in your loved ones, or sometimes even losing them altogether – be it to breakup, or a move across the country. Sadness can be overwhelming.


411Six of Cups – Your childhood memories often bring about a sense of nostalgia and a longing for a reunion with those that remind of you a more innocent time.


421Seven of Cups – Too little reliance on the rational mind and too much of looking at things through a purely emotional lense can lead to excessive activity of the imagination – to illusions and wishful thinking that have no basis in reality. Making the right choice thus becomes difficult.


431Eight of Cups – Sometimes, the only way to deal with a complicated situation is to leave. You need to know when investing into a barren emotional prospect no longer benefits anyone.


441Nine of Cups – This is the card of comfort and satisfaction, a sure signal that your wish is about to be granted. You have all the reasons to rejoice.



451Ten of Cups – The image of harmony personified, whatever that may mean for you – be it a blissful family life or a union with your karmic soul mate. Happiness abounds.


461Page (or Princess) of Cups – A messenger bringing about good news or a small sign of synchronicity. A beginning of a very productive and creative period.


471Knight (or Prince) of Cups – The proverbial knight in shining armour, full of charm and imagination, possibly the most romantic person you have met in a while.


481Queen of Cups – A true mother figure, somewhat similar to the Empress, she is the epitome of emotional security, a calm and compassionate individual that is also exceptionally intuitive.


491King of Cups – A generous man fully in touch with his feelings (a rare breed indeed, some would sarcastically quip). A model of emotional balance and control.


(The images in this article are taken from The DruidCraft Tarot illustrated by Will Worthington and published by Connections Book Publishing)