The Suit of Coins

Coins (sometimes also called Pentacles), preside over the material and the carnal, as it may be expected. They reign over work and enterprise but, unlike the action-filled Wands, they point towards a more conservative approach, tenaciousness and hard work that only presents us with rewards further down the line. Positioned under the domain of the Earth element, they possess a certain dose of heft and immobility, signaling a situation that is hard to change – for better or for worse. Still, the cards of this suit are some of the more auspicious in the deck, especially those carrying higher digits. Speaking of numbers, and as already previously mentioned in the post regarding the suit of Swords – some knowledge of numerology is good to have when dealing with Tarot. It makes it easier to grasp the progress of each element, its development and the realization of its full potential. Coins also can stand for our physical body, health and well-being.

(01)Ace of Coins – The very beginning of the suit of Coins offers a new financial opportunity and gives a chance for prosperity. It is up to you whether you will seize it and allow abundance to manifest in your life.


(02)Two of Coins – Balance is an extremely important segment on our physical plane, be it in managing our finances or taking care of our bodily health. Know how to prioritize at all times.


(03)Three of Coins – The apprenticeship stage teaches us the basics of our craft but also how to work as a part of a team. Pride that comes with our first steps on the road to success is only a consequence of that.


(04)Four of Coins – The image of the miser warns us not to hold too tightly to material possessions. Stability is important but not when it affects other areas of our life. Just remember what happened to King Midas.


(05)Five of Coins – Poverty on the other hand can be just as bad – if not worse. The insecurity brought about by financial loss can lead to isolation and extreme stress. Be cautious about how you handle your finances and who you trust.


(06)Six of Coins – Sometimes, the biggest wealth we can have in this life are friends willing to share their lot in times of need. The spirit of charity is not emphasized nearly as much as it ought to be in most religious teachings.


(07)Seven of Coins – The vision you have, coupled with tenacity and perseverance, will eventually bring a return to your investment and a reward for all the effort you have put into it. The fruits of your labour will be plentiful.


(08)Eight of Coins – Not too different from the Three of Coins, the Eight brings it up a notch, showing mastery of one’s craft and a focus on quality of the final product or service offered to the world.


(09)Nine of Coins – This is a card of enjoying what you have rightfully gained, be it through inheritance, or through hard work. It also reminds you of xcellent health you possess due to making the right choices. Nine in general, no matter the suit, is one of the most auspicious numbers in the Tarot.


(10)Ten of Coins – The ultimate manifestation of wealth and success and the ability to retire from the daily toil and enjoy the comfort of old age. Naturally, the emphasis lies more on “comfort” and “enjoyment”, rather than “old age”.


(11)Page (or Princess) of Coins – An intern, a young but ambitious entrepreneur, one that sees (and seizes) financial and business opportunities left and right. A new job or source of income.


(12)Knight (or Prince) of Coins – A methodical and highly efficient individual, focused on the safety of the existing routine. His approach always leans towards the conservative side and he rarely colors outside of the lines.


(13)Queen of Coins – The home is her domain and her practicality coupled with great love for those around her make her an excellent mother figure. Always down-to-earth and ready to help, and make others feel safe and taken care of.


(14)King of Coins – He is successful but cautious, always holding a tight grip on the wealth the Universe has bestowed upon him. Can show signs of gluttony but is usually a good man.


(The images in this article are taken from The DruidCraft Tarot illustrated by Will Worthington and published by Connections Book Publishing)