Setting the context and asking questions in Lenormand

Even if your experience with Lenormand is somewhat superficial, you must’ve asked yourself at least a couple of times – how can I make my readings more precise, more accurate, with a deck as small as that of 36 cards? One answer is – card combinations. If employed correctly, they are very likely to create an entire kaleidoscope of meanings and make your readings more vivid and more truthful. But what if that is not enough? What happens when you have a Man and a Ship and you are not quite sure whether the Woman’s significant other is about to go on a long trip, or if her lover-to-be comes from a faraway land? Enter – context.

A well formulated question and a tightly defined context can save just about any reading from turning into a blurry mess. It is something you must do before starting the fortune-telling session and, if needed, keep going back to until you have answered the question presented to the best of your abilities. The importance of this process cannot be stressed enough. Instead of a vague “Tell me about my love life.” (which might as well work with Tarot), it is far better to be as precise as possible and ask “What is likely to happen if I pursue David in the next few months?”. In the latter, the course of action, the object of said action, and the time frame are all strictly outlined, giving the cards a tight frame they simply have to fit into. The less wiggle room you give Lenormand, the more accurate its answer will be.

When it comes to “yes or no” questions, be sure to always phrase your query in a positive manner. Instead of “Will I lose my job?”, ask “Will I be able to keep my current job?”. This way, you are sure to avoid confusion. Affirmative cards (hearts and diamonds) will signify a “yes” while negative cards (spades and clubs) will push the answer towards a more definite “no”.

When interpreting a larger spread (such as the Grand tableau), you are likely to be faced with multiple potential meanings. In such circumstances, it is advisable to take into account the surrounding cards. This is yet another form of focusing on context that is likely to help you hone your intuitive talents and employ them to the best of your abilities. Even if you do have actual psychic skills, they can always be improved on. Certain tools and methods, anti-intuitive as they may seem at first, will allow you to tap deeper into your subconscious and inspire your higher self to communicate more clearly, thus making your readings better than ever before.