33. Key / Eight of Diamonds (Lenormand card meanings)

33. Key / Eight of Diamonds (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

This card is a resounding “yes!” – exactly what you need in just about any reading you do. It is the solution to the problem, the conclusion of a story, a positive outcome to everyone’s benefit, the missing piece of the puzzle that you have been looking for. It points towards the untangling of the net you have been trapped in for so long, the unlocking of the door of the prison of your own making. It also can highlight the cause of a problem and give us greater insight into its roots so that we can more easily go about finding a solution in the near future.

In a more literal sense, it can stand for an actual key to your house, a password to your computer, a code for your safe, or perhaps even a good luck charm. Next to a person, the Key highlights them as being of particular importance ot the situation at hand. Following the Book, it foretells the revelation of a long-kept secret. Sometimes, following a negative card, it can also emphasize it, almost serving as an exclamation point and a confirmation that the delay (Mountain) or accident (Scythe) will indeed occur.