32. Moon / Eight of Hearts (Lenormand card meanings)

32. Moon / Eight of Hearts (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

The Moon has its light and dark side, stressing the importance of the face one shows to the world. It thus stands for your public image, recognition and even fame, the persona you project towards others in hope of showing yourself in the best possible light. Still, the light of the Moon is hardly as bright as that of the Sun – nor is it as constant. Its fickleness signals and image you need to work hard to maintain and one that is as dependant on you as it is on those around you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say.

The ambivalence of the Moon again shines through its twofold meaning. In addition to the abovementioned public image, it can also take on a darker aspect (darker but not sinister, mind you) and denote night-time, dreams, sleep, imagination, intuition and creativity, thus almost mirroring the High Priestess of the Tarot. On another note, it can also stand for work – especially the type that keeps one always in the public eye. The Moon’s timing, as we said, falls in the evening, or within no more than one lunar cycle.