30. Lily / King of Spades (Lenormand card meanings)

30. Lilly / King of Spades (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Lily is the card in which the duality of the German vs. French system comes into play most prominently. While the French see it as a symbol of old age and wisdom, purity and moral superiority, of justice and good intentions – for German fortune tellers, this is the “sex card” used to peek into the intimacy of the person the reading is being done for and predicting what is likely to pass in that particular department. he latter symbolism seems derived from the erotic perfume of lily.

Francophone readers more often use the Whip to refer to sex and, if they ever focus on the Lily in that context, it is to denote a type of sex that is a lot more intimate, loving, affectionate, and less “athletic”. For them, the King of Diamonds largely remains an aging figure, wise and serene, constant and reliable, one to which we can come for advice, be it financial or of any other nature. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which type of interpretation makes more sense. With practice, you are sure to develop your own ideas and be able to rely on them more than on any textbook interpretation out there. Oh, and be sure to remember that Lily is also the card of winter and points towards the north.