27. Letter / Seven of Spades (Lenormand card meanings)

27. Letter / Seven of Spades (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

The Letter covers an exceptionally wide range of meanings and can literally stand for any piece of paper with information written upon it – be it snail mail, a document, a binding contract, your passport, an invitation to a party, a shopping list, an email, or even a text message. The more our systems of communication modernize, the more meanings it is likely to acquire and spread out to FaceBook chats, Instagram comments and beyond.

What is in the Letter, and of what nature it is, is a matter you will need to take to the cards surrounding it. Like a blank piece of paper, it can be used for just about any purpose. Next to the Tower it will be an official document, next to the Heart a love letter, close to the Clouds bad news, and near the Fish a cheque to be cashed in. The possibilities are nearly endless. As a means of communication, it is closely connected to the Birds and the Stars. Its timing is shorter than an average letter takes to deliver.