24. Heart / Jack of Hearts (Lenormand card meanings)

24. Heart / Jack of Hearts (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

As we can see, Lenormand is filled with millennia old symbols that speak to us in a very direct manner. Everyone knows what the Heart symbolises – tender love and deep passion, superficial flings and teenage infatuations, but also deep emotions and lifelong commitment. A generally positive card, it brings peace, harmony and cordial relations at its very worst. This universal emblem of love is far too joyful to have almost any negative meanings attached to it. If you wish to explore the emotional side of things in a Grand tableau reading, this is likely to be the significator you will focus on.

The court card represented, the Jack of Hearts, is the master seduction and the bringer of passion. He is an experienced lover and has Cupid following him wherever he goes. A true charmer, he is however not a cheater and, whoever he chooses is likely to receive his undivided attention. In readings related to health matters, the Heart assumes its quite literal role. Its timing is that of the month of October.