23. Mice / Seven of Clubs (Lenormand card meanings)

23. Mice / Seven of Clubs (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Generally perceived as a pest throughout human history, eating the grain and fouling everything they leave behind, spreading epidemics and generally wreaking havoc, Mice still hold a very negative connotation even if they are pretty cute to begin with. This card thus stands for loss, theft, disease and decay, for deterioration, be it of your house, your finances, or your friendships. It undermines the foundations of everything you hold dear and whichever card comes before it is likely to be negatively influenced by these little pests.

The tiny thieves are here to steal your resources and spread disease, sabotage your projects, all while time is running out. This is why you should keep an eye on them at all hours. The damage they do is gradual but can be substantial. Caution is of paramount importance when Mice are around and only through firmly setting up the context of the reading will you be able to determine where the problem lies and which pipe may be leaking.