22. Crossroads / Queen of Diamonds (Lenormand card meanings)

22. Crossroads / Queen of Diamonds (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Sometimes also referred to as the Path, this card is actually much more than that. It is a road you choose, thus a choice, one that you need to make at some point in your life – one that will bring about a plethora of changes with it but one that you must face in order to move on and progress. The Crossroads offer us just that – a chance to choose left or right, right or wrong, a known path or one leading through the dark woods. With the Snake close by, it may prove a winding and dangerous one indeed while, with a Dog by your side, a helping hand is sure to appear. The proximity of the Sun signals the best possible outcome. Be warned that it might take longer than expected, perhaps as late as next April.

The Crossroads is also graced by a court card, the Queen of Diamonds. She is the one offering you the choice, an opportunity, but can also be tricky. A born entrepreneur, she looks out for her own interest first and is likely to give you misinformation if you don’t pay close attention. Sometimes, she may even stand for duplicity or even adultery. Still, don’t consider her an enemy and, instead, learn to work with her.