18. Dog / Ten of Hearts (Lenormand card meanings)

18. Dog / Ten of Hearts (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Having served as the man’s faithful companion and best friend for millennia, the Dog is a true symbol of friendship and camaraderie. He will never bite the hand that feeds it and is someone you can rely on at all times. It is your guardian angel and trusted advisor, your shoulder to cry on, your loyal and deeply devoted best friend. It is among the most positive cards in the deck but not in a dramatic sort of way. Instead, it radiates a sense of calm and brings improvement to any card and, in fact, any situation it may come in touch with. Sometimes, it can represent the “other man” but, unlike the Rider which is interpreted in the context of an affair, this one is more likely to be a friend-turned-soul-mate.

If the Dog is found in the proximity of Fox or Clouds, make sure that your friend may not be a wolf in sheep’s skin. In a more literal context, this card can serve as a significator for any pet you may have. Some deck creators go so far as to include an additional Cat card which is a nice touch if you prefer that.