16. Stars / Six of Hearts (Lenormand card meanings)

16. Stars / Six of Hearts (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Visible only when the sky is clear, the Stars are a sign of peace and clarity. They bring a sense of sharp mental focus, shine a light onto our path and allow us to see more than we normally would. Inspiration, coupled with great ambition, is the most positive aspect of this card. Allowing the Stars to guide us, just like sailors have been doing for centuries, we can use them as our map, our form of navigation, but also as a means of long-distance communication in the world that is now, more than ever, interconnected and pulsates with energy just like the galaxy we are a part of. The Stars is also the card of night-time.

In a very down-to-earth sort of interpretation, the starry sky can stand for any sort of technologically enhanced form of communication – be it the internet, phone or television. The can also be the card of electricity or energy currents in general, particularly when in close proximity to the Sun. When describing another card, Stars tend to signal a multitude, a great quantity of something. With negative cards such as Mice, they can point towards an infestation, an invasion of pests, a rash, or an outbreak of acne.