15. Bear / Ten of Clubs (Lenormand card meanings)

15. Bear / Ten of Clubs (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Symbolizing strength, power and high standing, the Bear is an imposing presence indeed. Unlike the Fox which stands for small business, the Bear, as a creature of considerable size, is in it to win it. His scale is that of a corporation, of the CEO, of the international conglomerate or at least an institution that has a good positioning on a national level. He can be your superior at work, your boss, or simply symbolise your place of employment, especially when positioned next to the Tower.

Still, the Bear is not always a “he”, nor is the card strictly tied to business. More often than not, this is an image of motherhood, of the quintessential mother figure, loving and nurturing, always there to give a helping hand to its young ones. No matter whether it represents a burly masculine figure or a caring female, it usually denotes a heavy-set person of some authority – be it at your place of work or in your private life. While occassionally intimidating, it is a person you can rely on. In general, the Bear augments whatever it is trying to describe, presenting itself as the exact opposite of the Child which diminishes things in both size and volume. Health-wise, the card points towards a generally good disposition but with some tendency towards obesity.