13. Child / Jack of Spades (Lenormand card meanings)

13. Child / Jack of Spades (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

The Child in Lenormand can be just that – a child, perhaps your own, perhaps a nephew or a niece, or a baby of a friend you care very much for. It is an important figure in your life and should be treated as such. Since it is graced by a court card, the Jack of Spades, it can also stand for a teenager or young adult, especially a witty and highly intelligent one. If you chose to read for a minor, this could serve as their significator but it is a practice that most professionals advise against due to the vulnerability of lack of maturity of younger individuals. Whatever you may decide to do, proceed with caution, and don’t forget to be kind and respectful.

In case of framing the question and setting context in which a significator for a child simply doesn’t fit the picture, the card can be used to describe something small, petite, innocent, naive or, most commonly, a new beginning, a budding emotion, a venture into the unknown, a fresh startup or an idea that is about to bloom. The Child’s timing usually falls within the month August.