9. Bouquet / Queen of Spades (Lenormand card meanings)

9. Bouquet / Queen of Spades (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

The Bouquet is a gift, a small token of attention or gratitude, be it in the context of romantic courtship, business or friendship. Its aspects are many, mimicking the multitude of flowers it possesses. It can represent something beautiful, honest and delightful but also superficially charming and without much depth. Still, in the great majority of cases, the Bouquet is an extremely auspicious card to have in a reading. It presents us with a variety of ways to enjoy ourselves and have fun.

If it is used as a significator, to represent a person (which it can, as the Queen of Spades is its court card), it is likely to denote a feminine, creative individual devoted to the arts and enjoying the life to the fullest. Professionally, it could be designer, beautician, interior decorator, someone working in the creative industry or in organizing events and parties. Coupled with the Garden, it would stand for the quintessential social butterfly. Bouquet’s timing is that of spring and its cardinal direction is that of the east. If the reading turns towards the topic of health, it can point towards cosmetic surgery, especially if the Scythe lies close by.