7. Snake / Queen of Clubs (Lenormand card meanings)

7. Snake / Queen of Clubs (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

The Queen of Clubs is a scheming and generally ill-intended woman. Still, her seductive charm and magnetism hide her true nature. In this, she mimics the stereotypical idea of the Snake, the primary symbol of her card. She will slither into your Garden of Eden and wreak havoc if you put your guard down for one second. She may appear friendly and charming, often exceptionally alluring, but beware. This mysterious creature of the Lenormand can be dangerous, well capable of setting a trap for anyone not cautious enough.

In some instances, the Snake can stand for the “other woman”, the mistress, the female lover of an already married man, or even a lesbian lover of the Woman. In more mundane contexts, it can be anything long and winding and denote a difficult path, complications, an entangled situation or, in yet more down-to-earth interpretation, can indicate the plumbing in your house or, in health-related readings, your intestines. There are no limits how literal and often hilarious readings with Lenormand can be. The Snake belongs to the month f February and the sign of Aquarius.