12. Birds / Seven of Diamonds (Lenormand card meanings)

12. Birds / Seven of Diamonds (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Many avains, especially smaller ones, tend to be quite noisy as if devoting all their free time (of which they have plenty) to small-talk, chit-chat and gossip. This is why the Birds in Lenormand stand for communication in the broadest sense of the word but maintain particular emphasis on verbal communication – be it face-to-face, via phone or Skype. This can be benevolent or malevolent, to your advantage or detriment, good news and bad news – all in equal measure. Only by referring back to the context of the question and glancing on the surrounding cards will you be able to determine which way the Birds are likely to fly.

The card is closely related to Whip and can signal arguments but, paired with Rider, can also bring about good news in verbal form. It can also be the sign of someone working in PR or as a TV presenter. Birds carry with them the symbolism of number 2 and can thus represent two objects of the same kind. In the same vein, they can also stand for siblings or twins, especially those belonging to the querent. As far as time goes, the card tells us of something that is currently happening.