11. Whip (also Rod, Broom) / Jack of Clubs (Lenormand card meanings)

11. Whip (also Rod, Broom) / Jack of Clubs (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Most Lenormand decks depict either a whip, a rod or a broom on the card number eleven, while others go so far as to represent both. Be as it may, this image traditionally stands for a string of repetitive actions. Imagine the lashes of a whip or the movement of a broom employed in floor sweeping – that is a part of the essence of the Whip. Being a very “physical” card, it can also denote athletic activity, any sort of physical exertion, but also sex. Still, unlike the Lily, there is very little romance in the latter and it has little to do with intimacy. Instead, it is a card of one night stands, of sex for the sake of pleasure alone, for enjoyment but also for building one’s ego.

The energy of the Whip is argumentative (in the most annoying sort of way possible) and, when describing a person, can stand for a lawyer, politician or a person doing PR for a particularly ill regarded company. This is exactly what the sort of person the Jack of Clubs is – argumentative and aggressive, verbal and ready to attack. He is also a lover, a playboy, a bad boy who might seduce you but leave you after he has had his way. Further down the line, he tends to bring discord and can occassionally turn violent. Definitely not the sort of person you want around, unless you are trying to fight a zombie apocalypse during which his fitness and dexterity might come in handy.As far as timing goes, the Whip signals action being repeated over and over.