10. Scythe / Jack of Diamonds (Lenormand card meanings)

10. Scythe / Jack of Diamonds (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

You reap what you sow and, with a razor-sharp Scythe in the picture, this may come sooner than you think. This is the card of speed and damage inflicted out of nowhere. The Scythe cuts deep and removes everything that doesn’t serve its purpose (and some of what does). It heralds a sudden interruption, a shock, and is rarely a bringer of good news. Instead, it is about as subtle as the Tower combined with the Eight of Wands of the Tarot. Take particular note of its directionality or rather which way its menacing point is facing – the card that is in its way represents what is likely to be removed.

The quick-witted Jack of Diamonds, the court figure represented above the Scythe itself, warns us to beware of injuries and ruptures, broken bones and deep cuts. He can be a surgeon (in health-related readings, this is the card of surgical interventions) or a military person, perhaps even a butcher, but definitely someone who solves all of his issues in a very practical and straightforward way, more often than not at your detriment. His timing is sooner than now and he points westwards.