6. Clouds / King of Clubs (Lenormand card meanings)

6. Clouds / King of Clubs (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

An almost exclusively negative card, perhaps one of the worst in the deck, it is constantly mentioned in 19th century manuals and little white books as a distinctly inauspicious sign. The nearer it is to the card denoting the topic we are focusing on, the stronger its influence may be. With it, the “near and far” method shows itself in its full power. Clouds are the bringers of confusion, depression, instability and deceit. Mental illness is but one of the aspects of it but the meaning extends to cover any inability to focus and function, any difficulty in striking a deal or keeping the lines of communication open. The Clouds overshadow any effort we make and threaten the fruits of our labour with storms and hail.

The King of Clubs represented on the card is a dark, often ill-intended person, sometimes aggressive, but mostly just grouchy and mean spirited. It is important to note that some decks depict clouds with a silver lining which can give the reading a more optimistic tone. Its timing however remains indistinct and keeps it without a clear answer. The rainy month of November is a vague possibility but not something you should bet all your money on.