4. House / King of Hearts (Lenormand card meanings)

4. House / King of Hearts (Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, Carta Mundi)

Our House is a place where we feel safe and loved, our home that gives us comfort and refuge. This card normally relates to all family matters, be they pleasant evenings by the hearth or arguments that may arise when parents and children don’t quite see eye to eye on certain topics. As a perfectly neutral image, it is likely to prompt you to observe the cards surrounding it in order to gauge the true meaning of it and decipher the current domestic situation.

Since the playing card inset features the King of Hearts, the House can also be interpreted as the proverbial pater familias. Court cards in Lenormand can often be read as “people cards” and can individually represent an important person in your life, one having a strong influence on the situation at hand. Again, the context of the question and the nearby cards will be there to clarify the situation. In addition to that, the House is endlessly useful in referring to a wide array of buildings, especially those of residential character. For large corporate and bureaucratic institutions however – you should turn to the Tower. The timing of the card is either that of early morning or the month of December.