Lenormand card meanings and keywords

Despite the fact that Lenormand has gained some footing in the English-speaking world, information on the cards tends to be scarce. Still, not all is lost if you have an honest wish to learn. My aim is to make the information on this fascinating system readily available to everyone interested, free of charge. Below, you will find a list of all Lenormand cards, each followed by a couple of keywords denoting their basic meanings. If you follow each individual link, it will take you to a separate page which will explain the symbolism of the card in more detail.

1. Rider – news, messenger, speed, sports, other man, gay lover
2. Clover – stroke of luck, windfall, short-term happiness
3. Ship – travel, foreigners, distant lands, vehicle, adventure
4. House – home, family, real estate
5. Tree – health, roots, lineage, longevity
6. Clouds – confusion, depression, turmoil, sadness
7. Snake – deceit, ill intentions, seduction, danger, other woman, lesbian lover
8. Coffin – sickness, ending, closure, rigidity, box, musical instrument
9. Bouquet – gift, beauty, vanity, charm, grace
10. Scythe – cutting off, swift removal, sharp edges, surgery, risk of injury
11. Whip – arguments, violence, sex without emotions
12. Birds – talk, chit-chat, gossip, direct or long-distance communication
13. Child – literally a child, new beginnings, something small, naivete
14. Fox – manipulation, trickery, entrepreneurship, small business
15. Bear – big business, boss, mother figure, excess weight
16. Stars – ideas, thoughts, clarity, world wide web
17. Stork – change for the better, good news, upheaval, move
18. Dog – friend, confidante, pet, loyalty
19. Tower – loneliness, isolation, institution, corporate structure
20. Garden – social gathering, public space, meeting, a crowd
21. Mountain – obstacle, stumbling block, burden, border, standstill
22. Crossroads – choice, opportunity , winding road, adultery
23. Mice – loss, theft, damage, deterioration, illness
24. Heart – love, emotions, romance, affection
25. Ring – union, agreement, binding contract, law, marriage
26. Book – secret, knowledge, learning, an actual book
27. Letter – news, mail, correspondence, information, cheque
28. Man – male significator, female significator significant other
29. Woman – female significator, male significator significant other
30. Lily – wisdom, purity, old age, intimacy
31. Sun – happiness, success, joy, good outcome, day
32. Moon – public persona, illusion, imagination, intuition, night
33. Key – solution, confirmation, conclusion, code, password
34. Fish – money, transactions, cash flow, prosperity, any body of water, liquids
35. Anchor – stability, life’s calling, long-term plans, career
36. Cross – adversity, sacrifice, punishment, suffering