The ultimate problem-solving Kipper card spread (The Path of Seven)

The so-called Path of Seven is perhaps my absolute favourite aspect of Kipper. Finding about this spread was a definite turning point in learning the system. Until then, I was on the fence whether I should plunge into a new method so soon after getting a grasp of Lenormand. I was afraid the two would mix up in my head, creating more confusion than clarity, and actually make my readings worse instead of more insightful. Still, this problem-solving spread solved the problem for me. The second I realized what it was about – I was in!

So what is the The Path of Seven? It is a Kipper spread, obviously consisting of seven cars, which offers you advice on how to best go about solving your problem(s) and making your dreams come true. What is it that you wish for the most? What is it that you are working towards the hardest? That is what the cards will tell you about and that is what this spread will help you achieve. Isn’t that brilliant? On top of it, it isn’t that hard to do either.

You put your significator (the Man or Woman card) or, alternatively, a card that best describes your current situation on one side of the table. Then, you put the card that best outlines your end goal, your dream-come-true scenario on the side opposite. Between them, you spread a line of five cards that are to describe what you need to do to get to your destination. It is as simple as that! It is such an easy and straightforward concept, one so rarely seen in the metaphysical labyrinths of Tarot. You want something? Here’s how you can get it. Reading it is like telling a short story.

If you take the Woman as your significator and High honors to represent your goal of a promotion at work, the cards that will fall in between will describe your road to success. Assuming that you’ve pulled Meeting, Journey, Prison, Work and occupation, and Great water, Hope – the basic idea of it would be that you are expected to focus on your social skills and creating more allies on the business arena (Meeting), especially those that come from other companies and other lines of work (Journey). This may feel like serving a sentence for a while (Prison) but will over time improve and your current job (Work and occupation) will blossom into a long-term career that is to prove fulfilling both emotionally and financially (Great water, Hope).

Again, doing such readings is all about exercising your imagination, your intuition, and not being afraid to say the first thing that comes to your mind. Sometimes, the most obvious interpretation is the most accurate.