How to read Kipper cards: Context

Context is the element of divination that is overlooked far too often even by professionals. People randomly pull the cards but don’t even bother to properly formulate the question. Then, they expect to receive an accurate and concise answer but they haven’t even set up a clear line of communication between themselves and whatever sort of force is trying to send them a message through the cards. This is a grave mistake.

Context is key in interpreting any answer that you may receive. The tighter it is, the less you will have to work on what the cards really trying to say. If you ask about love and you pull Win lots of money, all of its financial and business traits will take a back seat to more emotional overtones due to the already well framed question. Thus, the card will signify a lucky streak, success in love, rather than small lottery winnings or striking a favourable business deal.

In the same vein, if you ask about your prospects at work, the State of marriage will signal a secure, long-term contract while a Good outcome in love might stand for a raise or a resolution of a conflict in your favour. In a reading on the topic of health, the Court of law will likely represent a hospital and the Court official will stand for your doctor. Inquiring about your marriage and pulling the Prison card will then warn us of a gilded cage instead of actual time behind bars.

Much like in all other aspects of Kipper readings, it is important to let both your imagination and your intuition free rein but also not be afraid to go for the most literal meaning, even if it sounds a bit silly. Only by letting go of fear will you embrace your gift.