Kipper card meanings

Information on Kipper cards tends to be scarce on the English-speaking part of the internet. While using Google Translate to go through all the German texts that are available can be an interesting exercise in patience and mental endurance (something I myself have indulged in on more than one occasion), having it all presented in English is sure to make the knowledge accessible to a far wider audience. Below, you will find a list of all Kipper cards, each followed by a couple of keywords denoting their basic meanings. If you follow each individual link, it will take you to a separate page which will explain the symbolism of the card in more detail.

1. Main significator, Male – the querent, if male
2. Main significator, Female – the querent, if female
3. State of marriage – connection, agreement, union, marriage
4. Meeting – meeting, social contacts, camaraderie
5. Good gentleman – older male, father figure, mentor, “other” man, gay lover
6. Good lady – older female, maternal figure, “other” woman, lesbian lover
7. Letter – news, information, written correspondence, communication
8. False person – lies, deceit, betrayal, something wrong
9. Change – transformation, relocation, flexibility, restlessness
10. Journey – travel, movement, holiday, any type of vehicle
11. Win lots of money – financial gain, multitude, materialism, generosity
12. Rich girl – younger female, student, charming, employment in the beauty industry
13. Young good lord – younger male, ambitious, intern
14. Sad news – disappointment, sadness, being excessively emotional
15. Good outcome in love – positive outcome, minor success, friendship
16. His thoughts – thoughts, ideas, aspirations, dreams
17. Receive a gift – gift, recognition, attention, visit, help
18. A small child – infant, innocence, naivete, lack of experience, a new start
19. Fatality – ending, misfortune, bad outcome, grief
20. House – home, roots, family, smaller building, real estate
21. Living room – private space, feeling comfortable, intimacy
22. Military person – man in a uniform, athletics, discipline, rules, red tape
23. Court of law – legal institution, business corporation, large building
24. Theft – theft, loss, disappearance, abandonment
25. High honors – recognition, awards, fame, high society
26. Great fortune – happiness, fulfillment, dreams coming true
27. Unhoped for money – windfall, small amount of money, quick turnaround
28. Expectations – hopes, yearning, longing, patience
29. Prison – constraints, limitations, standstill, gilded cage
30. Court official – lawyer, judge, disagreements, moral ambivalence
31. Short illness – sickness, temporary problems, bed, sleep, sex
32. Sorrow and unpleasantness – despair, suffering, anguish, stress
33. Gloomy thoughts – sadness, depression, mental illness
34. Work and occupation – labour of love, drudgery, employment, hobby
35. Long road – path, great distance, long time, patience, nature
36. Great water, Hope – goals, spirituality, dreams, illusions, body of water

Of course, learning the Kipper card meanings is but a tip of the iceberg. In order to interpret them successfully, you will also need to be familiar with a few of the techniques commonly employed as well as a traditional spread or two. For all that and more, refer back to the Kipper section of my website and be ready to learn.