How to read Kipper cards: Directionality

Now that we have covered the concepts of storyboarding and card combinations, the next technique employed in reading Kipper cards is that of directionality. This method has perhaps found its most robust stronghold precisely in Kipper. No other type of fortune telling cards – be it Lenormand, Sibilla, Zigeunerkarten etc. – relies so much on it as much as Kipper does. But what exactly is directionality?

Plain and simple, it is the emphasis put on which way each of the characters in the story (or rather each person card) is facing. The Man, for example, is looking towards our left whereas the Woman’s glance is directed to the right. Same goes for the Good lord and Good lady (left and right respectively) and the Young good lord and the Rich girl (again left and right). As a rule of thumb, what is in front of the character (i.e. in the general direction they are facing) is considered to be their future and of greater importance, and what is behind their back is likely to be a part of the past and thus of lesser impact to the current state of things.

In addition to that, what is behind a person can denote something they are making an effort to hide whereas what is in front is likely to be the face they are consciously presenting to the world. The cards above are their thoughts, those below their everyday reality.

Still, it is not only the people cards that are susceptible to directionality. Change, for example, has a very obvious left-to-right alignment whereas the Long road seems to be of the opposite orientation. God (or is it the Devil?) is in the details and, with Kipper, it is better to keep your eyes as well as your mind open, pay attention to the subtle hints the cards are offering you, and weave them into a unique story.

Sometimes, you can read the cards from left to right, top to bottom, as you would a letter but, in most instances, the weaving of the pattern will be a bit more elaborate than that. If you are, for example, bent towards interpreting a Grand tableau, you will start from your main significator and work outwards, determining both the current situation, its past and, most importantly, the future that awaits. As we’ve already noted, the Man and the Woman cards face the opposite direction and, if we wish to take that into consideration, the reading done for a male querent will be the mirror image of the one done for a female. This is something that obviously takes a while to get used to but is not an unsurmountable obstacle in the least.