36. Great water, Hope (Kipper card meanings)

36. Great water, Hope (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

Having such a dual name also means that this card has quite a dual or even multi-faceted nature. Even though its symbolism is close to that of the Anchor in Lenormand, it is nowhere near as stable nor as secure. Instead, while it does stand for the attainment of dreams and goals, of blessings and hopes turned to joy, of creativity and spirituality, it is also one of dreams that may or may not get fulfilled, of yearning, wishes and desires, deep emotions, visions and the more surreal side of our psyche.

Governed by Sagittarius, deeply spiritual and delicate, its nature is that of water and it changes rather quickly, at one time a beautiful dream, the next a psychedelic nightmare. It can stand for all bodies of water but also for alcoholic beverages, drugs, addictions and all that comes from such states of mind. Belonging to the realm of illusion, it warns us of delusions and of our expectations being too high.

On the other hand, in a romantic context, it is likely to signal a soulmate-like connection and can even be used as the main focus card for past-life readings. It can also stand for exotic foreign lands as well as an overall positive outcome.