35. Long road (Kipper card meanings)

35. Long road (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

Also known as the “Two years patience”, the Long road is a card denoting great distances but also equally great amounts of time needed for something to happen, for people to meet, for a project to come to fruition. It is both a spatial and temporal card, standing for a slow process of gestation. With Capricorn as its ruler, it is inert and a tad boring, prompting us to keep going but not to expect anything exciting to happen anytime soon. It allows us to plan long-term. Gradual development is the best you can hope for and, sometimes, it does indeed take two years. If it is located behind the significator, it says “a long time ago.”

In a more physical sense, it can stand for nature and forests (most likely a wild forest, undisturbed by man, as opposed to the cultivated parks of the Good outcome in love) but, more literally, roads and streets and highways, racing tracks and marathons, as well as a long distance to work or even employment abroad. In the context of health, it is the card of the spine as well as the veins and cardiovascular system. It can almost as likely mean that our metabolism is slower than it ought to be, signaling potential trouble further down the line.