33. Gloomy thoughts (Kipper card meanings)

33. Gloomy thoughts (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

While it might be a less sinister image than the one before it, Gloomy thoughts is still a rather negative card. Its effect is focused on the mind, on your mental and emotional state, rather than on the circumstances in your life. Instead of a bad thing happening to you, it is more likely to reveal your excessive focus on the theoretical possibility of something bad happening. It is the card of depression but also of paranoia, toothaches and migraine. In this, it can be viewed the male counterpart of the female figure in Sad news.

Gloomy thoughts is a symbol of oppression, of something weighing us down, of being deeply pessimistic and unable to see the bigger picture. We close up, tense up, and are unable to receive the gifts the Universe has in store for us. This is a prison of our own doing and one from which we can often break free by sheer force of will alone. This is the card of angst, inability to focus, lack of concentration, unnecessary concern and apparent loss of hope. It signals insecurity and is also sometimes a warning of fraud. Still, any obstacle it presents is ultimately avoidable.