31. Short illness (Kipper card meanings)

31. Short illness (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

The meaning of this card is twofold. One one side, it can take the literal route and stand for illness and health concerns while, on the other, it can also be the “bed card” i.e. an image referring to sex and physical intimacy in general (especially if the Living room is close by). It is one of the more problematic cards and usually denotes an “unhealthy” atmosphere, be it in a relationship, workplace, or elsewhere. Short illness can also stand for hotels and hospitals, staying overnight, and sleeping.

In its most common form of interpretation, it can foretell a short illness, one that is not dangerous but more of a minor nuisance, a sense of discomfort, a short period of downness, poor health of temporary nature. Only if the Coffin lies close (especially directly to the left of it) can it signify a more serious condition. It is good for diagnosis in general, as a health significator. If such an approach is taken, the cards around it would then stand for the upper body, lower body, left side, right side etc. Again, as with all other health readings, it is best to consult a certified physician instead of relying on the cards to tell you everything. Be responsible.