26. Great fortune (Kipper card meanings)

26. Great fortune (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

Arguably the most auspicious card in the Kipper deck, Great fortune is just that – happiness, a positive outcome, summertime of life (or quite literally the season of summer), dreams coming true and everything going swimmingly. Fortuna’s curnocopia of plenty is bestowing you with all of its riches, showering you in pure bliss. It also stands for personal and spiritual growth or any other sort of good outcome – be it in love, business, health or any other aspect of life that is important to your overall happiness. It means following your true calling and purpose in life.

In general, Great fortune has a tendency to augment the effect of positive cards surrounding it and diminish that of negative ones. Next to the State of marriage, it will signal a very happy one indeed. Next to Sad news, it will make them less so, rendering them almost irrelevant, but a minor annoyance. The card to the left of it will be under its strongest influence and its blessings will shine upon it like the blazing rays of the Sun. This wonderful image is governed by the sign of Sagittarius.