22. Military person (Kipper card meanings)

22. Military person (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

This stern-looking soldier of the Kipper deck is disciplined and respective of authority. He values hierarchy, law and order and will put the interest and well-being of others before his own. He protects but is also very much capable of attacking – if need arises. He is the main significator’s brother, friend, male confidante, but also occasionally lover, especially a younger one in a relationship that is primarily based on sex. Athletic, resilient, dominant – argumentative yet disciplinarian – he is a mixed bag indeed. Under the rule of Taurus, he follows the rules and is the master of red tape.

The Military person is the “exclamation point” of the Kipper deck and by his very nature draws attention to himself and the cards around him. While his influence can be positive, it can also serve as a warning of misfortune, an argument, a battle, aggression and destruction. He can stand for any person in uniform, be it a marine, a doctor, a firefighter or a janitor, very much depending on the context of the question and the cards that surround it. In the context of health, this card governs the neck and the back.