21. Living room (Kipper card meanings)

21. Living room (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

The Living room can mean just that – your living room, your library, your study, your boudoir, your private space, your innermost sanctuary where you feel comfortable and at home. Close to the significator, it can signal that something is happening in or near their place of abode. In addition, it can also stand for an office or any other closed off, private space into which only a select few can gain admission. Sometimes, it signals unemployment while in other circumstances it can stand for work from home, freelancing, or even being in charge of a furniture store, interior design or an antique shop. When describing a person, it can very much be a couch potato. It also may stand for furniture as such.

Coupled with Short illness (which can sometimes be interpreted as the “bed card”, a.k.a. one referring to sex) it can foretel physical intimacy. With some other cards, it can instead reveal loneliness. Health-wise, it refers to your soul, your psyche, your innermost intimate thoughts and desires. Its timing is limited to up to four weeks, rarely more than that and, in terms of spatial orientation, it is the very opposite of Long road and stands for something being close by.