18. A small child (Kipper card meanings)

18. A small child (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

A small child (also sometimes called An infant) stands for something new, fresh, something untainted by previous negative experiences, an pure-hearted creature that looks at the world with a starry-eyed wonder and expects to see the innocence that it shines from within. It can be the significator for a child but also be used to describe a person in possession of these childlike qualities. On a more negative note, it can become childish and immature, inexperienced and not prepared for the task at hand. It may also signal annoyance and minor worries if inauspicious cards surround it.

A small child means work in post-natal care, with children (kindergarten, school), or in the flight industry as a pilot or flight attendant. That’s where the strange stork in boots comes into play, activating the weirder parts of our imagination for the sake of accurate fortune-telling. If the Man and the Woman cards (the main significators in Kipper) are at equal distance from it, it can signal pregnancy, especially if To receive a gift is also near by. When discussing health, the card covers the abdomen and the legs. As “kicking off the boots” in Germany signals spring, it is also the image of this season.