17. Receive a gift (Kipper card meanings)

17. Receive a gift (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

(To) receive a gift means just that – to be gifted something beautiful and precious, to achieve recognition you have been longing for in your chosen profession, to at last gain the attention of the one you’ve had your eyes on for a long time, to reach happiness and feel blessed for what you have. It is always an auspicious card and can sometimes stand for receiving a visit as well as finding out about a pregnancy – depending on the cards that surround it. It symbolises aid, help, support, and rescue. Paired with the Rich girl, it can stand for flattery. Some use this as the significator for children, in place of the Child card.

A new job offer may be on its way, a gratification for long working hours and all the effort invested in your chosen profession – especially if you are employed in social work or medical care. Sometimes however it can take quite a literal turn and refer to employment in a toy shop, pet shop, or a gift shop. Somewhat akin to the Birds card in Lenormand, it can stand for two of something, for twins or siblings. If surrounded by negative cards, it still points towards a positive outcome, even if only after a grueling trial period. Its timing is either two weeks or by the next holiday.