16. His thoughts (Kipper card meanings)

16. His thoughts (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

Thoughts in general, not just his but also hers (although her mental process can also sometimes be read by the Expectations card). This image is quite multi-faceted and can stand for an entire myriad of mental states and conditions, all sort of ideas, dreams and aspirations, strategies, plans and investigations, analysis etc. The cards that surround it are likely to give us further insight into what the thoughts are about. This may sometimes border on spying and spiritual eavesdropping, if the reading is about a person not currently present. It is purely a matter of ethics and whether you wish to indulge in this sort of activity. The option is there, you can essentially read someone’s mind, but it is up to you whether you will use it or not.

In health readings (which, again, as I’ve already mentioned, should probably be left only to people who already have a strong background in healthcare), His thoughts generally stands for the area of the head, both physically and mentally. Timing-wise, it gives us a frame of about four weeks.