15. Good outcome in love (Kipper card meanings)

15. Good outcome in love (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

Despites its name, Good outcome in love tends to be more about friendship than actual love of the romantic variety. It signals success of any kind, whether its an argument that needs to be patched up, a bet on a race, a business investment or, indeed, the outcome of a promising first date. It starts (and ends) everything on the right note, promising a bountiful harvest. Still, it has its limits. In terms of intensity, it is nowhere near the sheer force of Great fortune or High honors – it is much more tame. This is another characteristic unique to Kipper due to which cards that have similar meanings can be classified by the intensity of their impact – be it a positive or a negative one. It is the card of loyalty.

Matchmakers, marriage agencies, partner agencies, wedding planners are all under the domain of Good outcome in love. When describing a person, the card usually denotes one that is faithful, affectionate and warmhearted. Due to its leafy background, it can stand for a park or a garden. Health-wise, it points towards the belly, the heart but also the soul.