14. Sad news (Kipper card meanings)

14. Sad news (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

Card number fourteen brings disappointment and sadness. It is one of the more literal symbols in the deck, representing the situation it foretells to a T. Still, “sad” does not mean “tragic”. Its influence tends to be quite low key and is a mildly unhappy marriage instead of a tumultuous divorce, everyday worries and burdens instead of job loss, good news that don’t come instead of a catastrophic outcome. It is the opposite of card number seven, Pleasant letter.

Over time, it has acquired the correspondence to the Cancer sign, thus becoming tied with deeply felt emotions, subjective impressions and mental states that arise from excessive sensitivity, including depression and self-pity. This is why Sad news is also seen as the card of sorrow, melancholy moods, and certain mental health issues. On a more physical level, it can stand for toothache due to the characteristic positioning of the woman in the card. Kipper can sometimes be humorously literal. In the context of work, it can stand for employment in hospices, elderly care homes, pastoral care, spiritual support or even mourning accompaniment – but also for dissatisfaction with one’s business environment.