8. False person (Kipper card meanings)

8. False person (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

False or dishonest person stands as a warning, a red light that signals betrayal and deceit. Salt can sometimes look like sugar. It spells “wrong” in big, bold letters and, while it doesn’t necessarily predict any major misfortune, it can herald danger that, if left unattended, can create a lot of trouble further down the line. In Lenormand, it would correspond to the more negative aspects of the Fox card along with a bit of Mice thrown in for good measure. She is cunning, intelligent but her intentions are not altogether honest. Even though the cards shows a person, it is not usually interpreted as one and is rarely used as a significator. Instead, it is more about the state of things, the energies swirling around, the intentions of those around you and their potentially negative effect. If positioned next to an auspicious card, it can cause it to take on a negative meaning.

In terms of timing, it is a clear sign the time is not right for whatever you’re trying to achieve. The card signals a wrong career choice, envy, intrigue, rivalry and (in terms of health and well-being) tendencies towards addiction and substance abuse.