12. Rich girl (Kipper card meanings)

12. Rich girl (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

While the name of the card may stir us in the wrong direction, the main focus of this image is not “rich” but instead “girl”. She is young, carefree, comfortable in her own skin, friendly, kind and sometimes quite naive. Her loving but sensitive disposition occasionally prompts her to petulant behaviour and jealousy. Still, she is largely well intended. The Rich girl acts in good faith and is often child-like, even if she is beyond teen years. The image can stand for a younger sister, a best friend, or even a mistress, depending on the cards surrounding it and the context of the reading. If circled by more negative cards, it can bring family sorrow.

Spiritually, she is the symbol of renewal and regeneration but, in the context of health, can signal a fear of aging and even cosmetic surgery. Business-wise, she is either a (high school or university) student, a person of leisure, or someone employed in the beauty, health and wellness industry – perhaps as a beautician, stylist, selling luxury items and fashionable commodities. This card can also mean your hobbies and the way you spend your free time.