11. Win lots of money (Kipper card meanings)

11. Win lots of money (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

While it may not exactly signal lottery winnings, card number eleven does stand for abundance, gain and great money. However, the more distant it is from the significator, the lesser the sum is likely to be. It is often referred to as the “card of plenty” and one that, when positioned next to other cards, multiplies their meaning manyfold (as opposed to the Theft card that tends to mean fewer of something).

It is a particularly useful card in career-related readings and may signal a business person of good merit, financial independence, a lost check that finally shows up, employment in a bank, tax consultancy, stock exchange broker etc. When describing a person, it paints a picture of one that is very materialistic, focused on earning as much as possible in order to save for the future but who is, at the same time, not afraid to occasionally spend it lavishly either. In a more romantic context, it signals a partner of generous disposition, wealthy both financially and emotionally, and a truly giving nature.