2. Main significator – female (Kipper card meanings)

2. Main significator – female (Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten, Königsfurt-Urania, 2005)

The significator card is the main focus of nearly every reading. In case of a female querent, the Woman card is chosen to symbolise the person. The cards around her describe her and her life – those above are her thoughts, those below – her physical reality. The images behind her are the past, the ones standing before her – the future. This makes any reading done for a female a mirror image of the one for a male. The Woman card looks to the right so every interpretation will begin from left and move towards the right-hand side. For the Man, the opposite will be the case.

The Man card itself will then stand for the Woman’s romantic interest, her significant other or husband. If he is before her, thus facing her, their love is likely to blossom. if he is behind, everything is in the past and there is no going back.